Helping you to unlock your full financial potential

Many finance and procurement teams want to create value. Instead, they are pushing paper. They experience low spend under management, poor cash flow forecast, and their heavy balance sheet drag their financial performance down. 


Businesses like yours want to get rid of paper in the source-to-pay process. If you are like them, you want to eliminate manual work and gain visibility to 100% of your spend. You want to find the right supplier, agree on the right prices, and spark efficiency in your source-to-pay. We've worked with hundreds of different companies to take them there. Our leading networked source-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing, and financing services can help you. 


How do we do that? With our services, you can take full advantage of these innovative services. Through our experience, we've been able to develop a structured process that will help you achieve the best results in the minimum amount of time. 

Choosing the right Source to Pay partner

We support a broad range of customers. But we've taken the time to understand the common features of those that we work best with.

Are we a perfect match?

Up your financial game


We understand that you want to see a clear advantage from investing your time and money in this type of technology. This is why we've created the Basware Benchmark. The Basware Benchmark represents the benefits seen by our top cloud customers across four specific areas.

Why Basware?

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at what analysts and other research firms have to say about Basware.



  • 2018 Magic Quadrant Leader for Procure to Pay suites for the third time

  • 2016 Magic Quadrant Leader in Procure to Pay suites for the second time

  • 2016 Technology Insight Representative Provider in procurement networks

  • 2015 Magic Quadrant Leader for Procure to Pay suites for Indirect Procurement

Forrester Research

  • 2016 Vendor Landscape: B2B Business Networks positioning as one of the largest cross-industry supplier networks

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Your Basware Journey by Stage

A journey is always smoother if, not only do you know where you're going, but you know how you're going to get there. We've created a simple guide to describe the steps that we'll take together in order to get you to your ultimate financial destination.

Stage 1: Connect with Basware

The easiest way to learn how we can help you bring your finance and procurement function to the next level is starting a conversation with our subject matter experts. Send us a note and we will come back to you:

Start the conversation
If you're not ready to talk to us just yet, then why not sign up for one of our events or our newsletter?
Check out the latest events & webinarsSign up for the Basware newsletter
And don't worry, you don't need to involve the whole team in every step. We've outlined who you need to loop in at each stage. Below is an overview of all of the team members who might get called on to give their input.

Stage 2: Identify Opportunities

Our team will work with you to review and analyze your existing processes by running a Success Lab either on-site or at our offices if that's easier! At this stage, we're trying to understand more about your business and what you're hoping to achieve, at a macro and micro level. By investing time here, we're looking to help you identify areas that have the potential to be become automated and optimize your spend.


Some of the questions that we'll be looking to answer together in the Success Lab:


  • What does success look like?
  • What do our current processes look like?
  • How do we compare to industry benchmarks?
  • Where are the opportunities for automation?


To find out more about the Success Lab, take a look at our factsheet.

What is the output?

  • A strategic roadmap aligned with your priorities
  • A business case outlining total savings

Stage 3: Co-create the Right Solution for your Business

Once you've signed contractual terms, we can then begin to take those high-level recommendations and translate them into a blueprint that can be executed against and delivered. Together, we'll define the ideal end-to-end process and use best practice to guide decision making. 


What is the output?

  • Blueprint of future solution
  • Project plan with milestones
  • Success metrics to measure progress against
  • Project team identified
  • Plan to help connect your Suppliers to the Basware Network

Who needs to take part?

Stage 4: Implement a new way of working

You can lean on our 30 years of experience to ensure that your solution implementation goes smoothly. Our dedicated Project Manager will help to support you throughout.


What happens at this stage?

  • ERP integration and mapping
  • Testing and training
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Rollout across your organisation

Who needs to take part?

Stage 5: Gain value from your solution

Your new Basware solution has been successfully implemented, but that doesn't mean the end of the road for us! It's time to optimize and gain the most value possible, and we're here to help!


What happens at this stage?

  • Supplier activation campaigns
  • 360 evaluations of your new Basware solution
  • Regular meetings with your Customer Service manager

Who needs to take part?

Stage 6: Stay Connected

Not only are we keen to make sure that you'll extract the maximum benefit from your Basware solution, but we're also here to support you to achieving best practice across your entire Finance and Procurement team. 

  • Inviting you to attend our Basware Connect event. This is a regular conference where you can network with other Basware customers and share best practice.
  • Learn more about our latest product innovations by attending our Quarterly Product Innovation webinar.
  • Visit our Resource Centre for a range of research and resources that will help provide you with ideas and inspiration.


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